"To create the benchmark for all, as the first choice for Occupation Safety and Soft skills Training as a company"


"To ensure the Safety of each Human Resource in workplace with their Learning & Development Solutions" & “An entire Training Solutions of Fire, Safety, First Aid and Soft skills”

Welcome to JIFSA Corporate Training

"We JIFSA as a corporate training provider, understand the need of industries, where we want to serve the best training services in term of Industrial trainings. Here, we focus on the complete learning and development process of employees as an individual in a company. In current environment, the employee improvement in highly required for better employee performance, it will results as improve in morale and a level of job satisfaction in workforce. Our main objective is to up Lifts Observance to Quality Standards. So, that the desired performance can be achieved by the companies through their manpower, matching up the industrial standards in terms of safety planning, execution and achieving results in terms of “Zero” accident ratio in any workplace. EDP “Employee Development Program” is the base and current need of companies, understanding the lacunas between the company’s expectation and employee performance, JIFSA Corporate Training Team offers them the customise trainings according to their respective needs in an organisation. Focusing on the Learning & Development Solutions of the employees JIFSA haves an entire Training Solutions of Fire, Safety, First Aid and Soft skills. Here, we can ensure a Framework to Develop Strengths and Opportunities for Learning to Improve the Reputation of Organization via employee’s growth. Legal norms of companies as per India Government standards must be accomplish from the origination of company to journey of till date, for this organisation need to be partnering with Training Experts like us. We JIFSA ensures our clients and collaborative partners for Quality and Improvement, with our 5 Motto’s “Respect, Understanding, Listening, Responding and Serving” which means a lot for JIFSA values"

Benefits of Training Program

  • Improvements in Employee Performance
  • Improve Morale and Job Satisfaction
  • Fulfils the Legal expectations of Organization.
  • Ensures Opportunities for Learning
  • Chance to Identify Weaknesses
  • Provide a Framework to Develop Strengths
  • Encourages Innovation and Risk Acceptance
  • Lifts Observance to Quality Standards
  • Introduces Consistency in Work Atmosphere
  • Improve Reputation of Organization

Objectives of Training the Employees

"Every Companies often face the need to training their workforces when they find some skills or qualities lacking in performance of their team members. It may not be some specific skills but the overall attitude or work performance of the employee or teams, which makes the management seek training for them as an indispensable. In terms of Legal requirement, a company need to cover up all aspects of legal related to employee’s safety in terms of Occupational, Health, Social and Legal. So, it’s very important for companies to take care their respective employee’s"

Some of the most important goals of employee training include:

  • Positive work attitude
  • Command and Better productivity
  • Interpersonal growth
  • Risk acceptance
  • Better communication skills
  • Skills grooming for professional growth